Monastery Caskets

Please contact our sister community, 

Holy Assumption Monastery, for caskets.

Our monastery caskets are simple, beautiful and prayerfully made. Each casket is crafted at the monastery from solid redwood, and is hand oiled and finished out by the sisters. Your purchase helps to support the life of our monastery. Please see our photo gallery below.

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ, all shall be made alive. -- 1 Corinthians 15:22
REDWOOD CASKET # 1: $1,980

Rounded lid, fully lined and pleated with white taffeta. Includes inlaid Cross made out of walnut (3-bar or regular Latin Cross), mattress and pillow. Made for half couch viewing.

Exterior Dimensions: 80" x 30" x 21" 
Interior Dimensions:  78" x 23" x 16" 
REDWOOD CASKET # 2: $ 1,680

Raised flat lid, simple lining with unbleached muslin, topped with a Cross (3-bar, regular Latin or budded Cross). Mattress and pillow included. Made for half or full couch viewing.

If simple taffeta lining is desired, add $ 50.

Exterior Dimensions: 81" x 30" x 18.5"
Interior Dimensions: 77.5" x 23" x 13.5"

Custom calligraphy of the Trisagion, Scripture verse, or some other desired text is available for an additional cost.

Other caskets, such as simple pine caskets ($ 980 or $ 1380), or a  may also be available depending on our current stock.

We ship our caskets (~170 lbs with crate) anywhere in the continental US. Shipping times vary between 2-7 days depending on location.

For further information, or to inquire about placing an order, please contact our monastery at 805.921.1563 or

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