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Children's Book: Laurel and the WindChildren's Book: Laurel and the Wind
About the Author: Gaelan Gilbert is a writer and teacher who has lived in California, Greece, Canada, and the American heartland. He received a PhD in English from the University of Victoria, BC, where he enjoyed studying alliterative dream-vision poems like Pearl and Piers Plowman. He has published academic scholarship in literary and theological studies, and also a collection of poems, One Is Found First.
Gaelan is the headmaster of Christ the Savior Academy in Wichita, KS, where he lives with his wife and family, and is a visiting professor of Arts & Humanities at the University of St. Katherine in San Diego, CA. Laurel and the Wind is his first children’s book, and it began as a bedtime story for his children. Although currently far from the sea, he sails whenever he can on a nearby lake in his daggerboard craft, Signy.
Children's Book: Saint George & the DragonChildren's Book: Saint George & the Dragonby Jim Forest and illustrated by Vladislav Andrejev. A beautifully illustrated retelling of the story of St George for contemporary readers, illustrated in traditional iconographic style. Using iconographic images, this book carries us into a world of dragons and heroes, and of courageous, overcoming love.
Children's Book: Special Agents of Christ: A Prayer Book for Young Orthodox SaintsChildren's Book: Special Agents of Christ: A Prayer Book for Young Orthodox Saints

About the Author:

Annalisa Boyd is mother to 6 and has fostered 25 children (so far). It is her desire for each child to be inspire

Children's Book: The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of IrelandChildren's Book: The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of IrelandKevin was always different. He loved animals and seemed to understand their secret language. But other children brought out the worst in him. He chased, bullied, and shoved, until one spring when he learned an unforgettable lesson from an unlikely teacher--a blackbird who built a nest in his hand.
Children's Book: The Cross and the StagChildren's Book: The Cross and the Stag
He lost his wealth.
He lost his family.
He lost his station.
He endured it all, to gain everything.
Roman Commander Placidas was a man of great power and influence. He and his family wanted for little, yet he knew there had to be more to life. Once baptized into the Christian faith as Eustathius, he faced trials beyond anything he had ever experienced on the battlefield.
Children's Book: When God Made YouChildren's Book: When God Made YouWhen God Made You is a heartwarming story that speaks to readers of all ages. Snuggle up with your little ones and read along as they discover their importance and uniqueness to God and how He made each and every one of us. Each spread features a child from a different part of the world and how God made them and blessed each of them.
Children's Books by Mother MelaniaChildren's Books by Mother Melania
CLEARANCE Book: Ascetic Discourses of Abba IsaiahCLEARANCE Book: Ascetic Discourses of Abba Isaiah
The illuminating introduction to the translation of these twenty-nine monastic discourses written in the mid-fifth century explores scholarly issues . . . this volume is a model for showing how to make a book user-friendly . . . Until this translation appeared, we had only a bit of Abba Isaiah in English (in the translation of the Philokalia), so this work is a welcome addition, made all the more welcome because of the readable translation and useful apparatus.
Cistercian Studies Quarterly
CLEARANCE Book: Excerpts from the Works of Saint Augustine on the Letters of the Blessed Apostle PaulCLEARANCE Book: Excerpts from the Works of Saint Augustine on the Letters of the Blessed Apostle PaulThis compilation important to the evolution of later theology is presented here for the first time in English. Bede uses and adds to Augustine`s commentary of the Letters of Paul. Each chapter is a different letter i.e. St. Augustine`s Commentary: The Letter of Paul to the Church in Rome.
CLEARANCE Book: The First Day of the New CreationCLEARANCE Book: The First Day of the New Creation
CLEARANCE Book: Treasures of the Holy LandCLEARANCE Book: Treasures of the Holy Landby Veselin Kesich and Lydia Kesich. 112 pps. SVS press. Includes 24 line drawings.
Honey Trio: Avocado, Clover, SageHoney Trio: Avocado, Clover, SageYou are purchasing delicious gravity filtered, unpasteurized gourmet honey. Excellent during flu and cold season when combined with lemon and hot water.
Honey: 6 lbs Wildflower & OrangeHoney: 6 lbs Wildflower & OrangeEnjoy (6) 1-lb jars of gravity-filtered, unpasteurized, grade-A quality honey. Share this sweet superfood with others or stock up for yourself. Honey has been known to keep unspoiled for centuries. All the nutrients are preserved in these jars of goodness as this highest quality honey is unpasteurized and, thus, unspoiled in its nutritive value.
Honey: AvocadoHoney: Avocado1st place blue ribbon at the Ventura County Fair. 100% raw, natural, gourmet-quality honey from local bees in Ventura County. Available in 1 lb jars.
Honey: CloverHoney: CloverA deliciously light honey. 100% raw, natural, gourmet-quality honey produced by busy bees in Montana. Available in 1 lb jars.
Honey: OrangeHoney: OrangeTry one of our favorites! This honey carries the fullness of orange blossom flavor and has been a 1st place blue ribbon winner at Ventura County Fair. Available in 1 lb jars.
Honey: SageHoney: SageA beekeeper's delight and a favorite at the fairs! Sage honey is a mild 1st place award-winning honey. Available in 1 lb jars.
Honey: WildflowerHoney: WildflowerThis rich-tasting raw honey produced from a variety of local wildflowers features a slightly added intensity of flavor. Available in 1 lb jars.
Lavender Sachets: from the fields of St Barbara MonasteryLavender Sachets: from the fields of St Barbara Monastery
Excellent for purses, linen closets, drawers or any place that could use the beautifully fresh scent of lavender.
Lavender: Trio of Essential Oils- Three 5ml bottles of 100% pure monastery oilsLavender: Trio of Essential Oils-  Three 5ml bottles of 100% pure monastery oils
Relaxing, soothing, aromatherapeutic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic, antimicrobial, prevents and heals mosquito bites. Calming for hyper children, overactive pets and excitable adults. Keep one in your purse, in your car or by your bedside. (Do not apply to burn wounds)
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