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Children's Book: Beautiful ChristmasChildren's Book: Beautiful Christmas
Children's Book: Father Herman: Alaska's SaintChildren's Book: Father Herman: Alaska's Saint
Children's Book: H is for HolyChildren's Book: H is for HolyH Is for Holy: An Orthodox Christian Alphabet
Children's Book: The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of IrelandChildren's Book: The Blackbird's Nest: Saint Kevin of IrelandKevin was always different. He loved animals and seemed to understand their secret language. But other children brought out the worst in him. He chased, bullied, and shoved, until one spring when he learned an unforgettable lesson from an unlikely teacher--a blackbird who built a nest in his hand.
Children's Book: The Cellarer's CeleryChildren's Book: The Cellarer's Celery
Children's Book: The Wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God -- Coloring BookChildren's Book: The Wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God -- Coloring Book
Children's Book: We PrayChildren's Book: We PrayExcerpt:
We pray for all our families
and everyone we love,
that God’s great love would bless them
in their sadness or their joy.
Children's Books by Mother MelaniaChildren's Books by Mother Melania
CLEARANCE Book: A Tiny Step Away from Deepest FaithCLEARANCE Book: A Tiny Step Away from Deepest Faith
CLEARANCE Book: A Vanquished HopeCLEARANCE Book: A Vanquished HopeA Vanquished Hope: The Movement for Church Renewal in Russia, 1905-1906
CLEARANCE Book: The Love of GodCLEARANCE Book: The Love of GodThe Love of God: The Life and Teachings of St. Gabriel of the Seven Lakes Monastery
CLEARANCE Book: The Sacred Gift of LifeCLEARANCE Book: The Sacred Gift of Life
CLEARANCE Book: The Theology of John RomanidesCLEARANCE Book: The Theology of John RomanidesThe Theology of John Romanides: Prophet of Romanian Orthodoxy
CLEARANCE Book: When Hearts Become FlameCLEARANCE Book: When Hearts Become Flame

Dr. Muse shares insight and wisdom gained over the course of his life's journey as a pastor and psychotherapist trying to follow the Light wherever He leads. Some profound and very useful insights are found within these pages.

— Dr. Albert Rossi, Psychologist, St. Vladimir's Seminary

Healing Herbal SalveHealing Herbal SalveA must-have salve for every medicine cabinet, first aid kid and bug-out bag! If you have children in the house, you will constantly reach for this boo-boo balm to help with bumps, bruises, bites, scratches, etc.
Honey Trio: Avocado, Clover, SageHoney Trio: Avocado, Clover, SageYou are purchasing delicious gravity filtered, unpasteurized gourmet honey. Excellent during flu and cold season when combined with lemon and hot water.
Honey: 6 lbs Wildflower & OrangeHoney: 6 lbs Wildflower & OrangeEnjoy (6) 1-lb jars of gravity-filtered, unpasteurized, grade-A quality honey. Share this sweet superfood with others or stock up for yourself. Honey has been known to keep unspoiled for centuries. All the nutrients are preserved in these jars of goodness as this highest quality honey is unpasteurized and, thus, unspoiled in its nutritive value.
Honey: AvocadoHoney: Avocado1st place blue ribbon at the Ventura County Fair. 100% raw, natural, gourmet-quality honey from local bees in Ventura County. Available in 1 lb jars.
Honey: CloverHoney: CloverA deliciously light honey. 100% raw, natural, gourmet-quality honey produced by busy bees in Montana. Available in 1 lb jars.
Honey: EucalyptusHoney: EucalyptusEucalyptus Honey is a mildly sweet honey with a touch of herbal flavor. Available in 1 lb jars.
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