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Book: The Watchful Mind: Teachings on the Prayer of the HeartBook: The Watchful Mind: Teachings on the Prayer of the Heart
Book: The World of the Desert FathersBook: The World of the Desert FathersA slim volume packed with ancient Christian wisdom.

These stories and sayings of the Desert Fathers, in a translation by Columba Stewart, give insights into a tradition where words have a resonance beyond their surface meaning. They are intended to lead the reader further along the way of Christ. Columba Stewart provides an introduction to each section to help us understand the world of the early monks.

Book: The Year of Grace of the LordBook: The Year of Grace of the LordThe Author:"A Monk of the Eastern Church" is the well-known pseudonym for Father Lev Gillet (1893-1980), who authored numerous volumes of biblical and spiritual reflections. United to the Orthodox Church in 1928, Father Lev Gillet was deeply imbued with Eastern monastic spirituality. In 1948 he was appointed chaplain to the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, dedicated to the work of Christian unity.
Book: These Things We Believe: The Orthodox Defense of Reasonable Christian FaithBook: These Things We Believe: The Orthodox Defense of Reasonable Christian FaithHas God become irrelevant for the 21st Century? Is there anything left to believe in?
Book: These Truths We HoldBook: These Truths We HoldWritten by a monk of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Monastery. These Truths We Hold is an extensive work, and is perhaps, one of the most complete English-language catechisms for those entering the Orthodox Faith or those who want to broaden their knowledge of what the Orthodox Church teaches. These Truths We Hold also makes a great group study book for the family or parish.
Book: Thinking Orthodox: Understanding and Acquiring the Orthodox Christian MindBook: Thinking Orthodox: Understanding and Acquiring the Orthodox Christian Mind"Orthodox Christians, living in the West, have a need to be grounded in the phronema of Orthodoxy as we are tossed about as a minority group of Christians in a sea of religious and secular voices that can lead us away from the true faith. So much confusion and private opinion surrounds us and we need to have a light to guide us to a safe harbor. In Thinking Orthodox we have such a light. It is a joy to read and a treasure to have."

-Archpriest Chad Hatfield, D.Min, D.D., President & Professor of Pastoral Theology, St. Vladimir's Seminary.
Book: To Open One's Heart: A Spiritual PathBook: To Open One's Heart: A Spiritual Path

There are many ways to open one’s heart. The heart is opened in those who love, and yet the heart is injured in those who sorrow. It is a deep well, and he who plumbs its depths can find spiritual wonders. The heart is the locus of the person— emotional, physical, and moral. But over and above all these dimensions, the heart is also the place of spiritual encounter with God.

Since God is constantly inviting each person to open his heart, he also wishes to heal those whose hearts have been bruised or injured by the hardships of life. Drawing freely from the writings of Scripture, the saints, and even Pascal, Michel Evdokimov offers an initiation into this spirituality of the heart born out of the traditions of Orthodox Christianity.

Book: Treasure-house of Mysteries: Explorations of the Sacred Text through Poetry in the Syriac TraditionBook: Treasure-house of Mysteries: Explorations of the Sacred Text through Poetry in the Syriac Tradition
Translated by Sebastian Brock. Excellent translation of the poems of the early Syriac tradition which explore the deeper spiritual meanings of the biblical text with great insight.
Book: Way of the Ascetics, by Tito CollianderBook: Way of the Ascetics, by Tito CollianderThe Author: Tito Colliander was born in St Petersburg, Russia, but lived most of his life in Helsinki, Finland, where he was an Orthodox layman and the author of several books in both the religious and secular fields.
Book: We Shall See Him As He Is, by Archimandrite SophronyBook: We Shall See Him As He Is, by Archimandrite Sophrony
"Now at the close of my life I have decided to talk to my brethren of things I would not have ventured to utter earlier, counting it unseemly..." Thus wrote Archimandrite Sophrony, then ninety-two years old, in We Shall See Him As He Is, his spiritual autobiography. In this book, Fr. Sophrony, one of the most beloved Orthodox Christian elders of our times revealed to the world his own experience of union with God, and the path to that union.
Book: When Hearts Become FlameBook: When Hearts Become Flame

Dr. Muse shares insight and wisdom gained over the course of his life's journey as a pastor and psychotherapist trying to follow the Light wherever He leads. Some profound and very useful insights are found within these pages.

— Dr. Albert Rossi, Psychologist, St. Vladimir's Seminary

Book: Wise LivesBook: Wise LivesWise Lives: Orthodox Christian Reflections on the Wisdom of Sirach
Book: Witnesses for ChristBook: Witnesses for ChristWitnesses for Christ: Orthodox Christian Neomartyrs of the Ottoman Period 1437-1860
Book: Works on the Spirit - Athanasius the Great and Didymus the BlindBook: Works on the Spirit - Athanasius the Great and Didymus the BlindThe first great testament to the Spirit's divinity -showing how the Spirit creates and saves inseparably with the Father and the Son- is St. Athanasius' Letters to Serapion. Only a few years later, Didymus the Blind penned his own On the Holy Spirit, which is here translated into English for the first time. For Didymus, the Spirit transforms Christians by drawing them into the divine life itself, and must therefore be one with the Father and Son.
Book: Wounded by LoveBook: Wounded by LoveElder Porphyrios, a Greek monk and priest who died in 1991, stands in the long tradition of charismatic spiritual guides in the Eastern Church which continues from the apostolic age down to figures such as Saint Seraphim of Sarov and Staretz Silouan in modern times. In this book he tells the story of his life and, in simple, deeply reflected and profoundly wise words, he expounds the Christian Faith today.

This book was compiled after his death from an archive of notes and recordings of his reminiscences, conversations and words of guidance, and was first published in Greek in 2003.

Children's Book: Anthony, the GreatChildren's Book: Anthony, the GreatAbout the Author: Deacon John lives in New England with his wife, Kaleria, and his two children, Kiranna & Anthony. He attends and serves at St. Xenia Russian Orthodox Church in Methuen, MA. In his spare time, he can often be found napping, enjoying his family, or simply dreaming about dinosaurs. No dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this book.
Children's Book: Celebrating the Twelve Days of ChristmasChildren's Book: Celebrating the Twelve Days of ChristmasBy Amanda Eve Wigglesworth. A family devotional in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. 
Children's Book: Laurel and the WindChildren's Book: Laurel and the Wind
About the Author: Gaelan Gilbert is a writer and teacher who has lived in California, Greece, Canada, and the American heartland. He received a PhD in English from the University of Victoria, BC, where he enjoyed studying alliterative dream-vision poems like Pearl and Piers Plowman. He has published academic scholarship in literary and theological studies, and also a collection of poems, One Is Found First.
Gaelan is the headmaster of Christ the Savior Academy in Wichita, KS, where he lives with his wife and family, and is a visiting professor of Arts & Humanities at the University of St. Katherine in San Diego, CA. Laurel and the Wind is his first children’s book, and it began as a bedtime story for his children. Although currently far from the sea, he sails whenever he can on a nearby lake in his daggerboard craft, Signy.
Children's Book: Saint George & the DragonChildren's Book: Saint George & the Dragonby Jim Forest and illustrated by Vladislav Andrejev. A beautifully illustrated retelling of the story of St George for contemporary readers, illustrated in traditional iconographic style. Using iconographic images, this book carries us into a world of dragons and heroes, and of courageous, overcoming love.
Children's Book: Special Agents of Christ: A Prayer Book for Young Orthodox SaintsChildren's Book: Special Agents of Christ: A Prayer Book for Young Orthodox Saints

About the Author:

Annalisa Boyd is mother to 6 and has fostered 25 children (so far). It is her desire for each child to be inspire

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