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Book: One Flesh: Salvation through Marriage in the Orthodox ChurchBook: One Flesh: Salvation through Marriage in the Orthodox ChurchAbout the Author: Archpriest Lawrence Farley is the pastor of St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church (OCA) in Langley, B.C., Canada. He received his B.A. from Trinity College, Toronto, and his M.Div. from Wycliffe College, Toronto. A former Anglican priest, he converted to Orthodoxy in 1985 and studied for two years at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary in Pennsylvania. In addition to the Orthodox Bible Companion Series, he has also published Let Us Attend, The Christian Old Testament, Following Egeria, A Daily Calendar of Saints, and many more titles.
Book: Orthodox Christianity, by Metropolitan HilarionBook: Orthodox Christianity, by Metropolitan HilarionAlfeyev carefully connects the dots---showing how theology is based on liturgy and art (including icons, singing, and architecture); ascetic practice and personal piety arise from theology; both, in turn, shape the moral and social teachings of the church concerning other confessions, religions, and the outside world. 350 pages, softcover.
Book: Orthodox Dogmatic TheologyBook: Orthodox Dogmatic Theology
Book: Orthodox Spirituality: A Brief Introduction, by Metropolitan HierotheosBook: Orthodox Spirituality: A Brief Introduction, by Metropolitan Hierotheos"A faith is a true faith inasmuch as it has therapeutic benefits. If it is able to cure, then it is a true faith. If it does not cure, it is not a true faith. The same thing can be said about medicine: a true scientist is the doctor who knows how to cure and his method has therapeutic benefits, whereas a charlatan is unable to cure. The same holds true where matters of the soul are concerned."

--from chapter 2

Book: Orthodox Study BibleBook: Orthodox Study Bible

The Orthodox Study Bible is the fruit of over twenty years of labor by many of the best Orthodox Christian theologians of
our time. Here, by the grace of God, you will find the living water of His Word with comprehens

Book: Orthodox Theology: An IntroductionBook: Orthodox Theology: An Introduction...investigates the fundamental questions every theologian must ask: Can we know God? What is the relation of the creation to the Creator? How did man fall, and how is he saved?
Book: Orthodox Worship: A Living Continuity with the Synagogue, the Temple, and the Early ChurchBook: Orthodox Worship: A Living Continuity with the Synagogue, the Temple, and the Early Church
Benjamin D. Williams holds a Master of Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary (1979). He has served in various facets of Christian ministry, including pastor, cantor, prison chaplain, and parish council chairman. He has been actively involved in the founding of three mission parishes and was ordained as a Reader (OCA) in 1994. He has served in various leadership roles in nonprofit organizations and has conducted leadership development seminars for the past twenty years.
Harold B. Anstall M.D. (now deceased) was, until his retirement, Professor of Pathology at the University of Utah Medical Center and author of many scientific books and publications. He was also a lay theologian in the area of liturgical worship and liturgical theology, part of a venerable tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Harry regularly taught adult education classes, particularly in the area of liturgics, over the years in various Orthodox churches in Salt Lake City, UT.
Book: Pachomian Koinonia (3 volumes)Book: Pachomian Koinonia (3 volumes)
Book: Panikhida & FuneralBook: Panikhida & FuneralPrice includes shipping.
Book: Pascha Transforms Wolfman Tom: The True Story of a Repentant MurdererBook: Pascha Transforms Wolfman Tom: The True Story of a Repentant Murderer
Wolfman Tom was a ruthless murderer in nineteenth century Russia. This is the captivating true story of how God transformed this hardened criminal into a saint through the fire of repentance. A must read during Lent and Pascha.
Book: Prayer Book (Jordanville)Book: Prayer Book (Jordanville)
One of the most complete prayer books according to the Slavic tradition.
Book: Prayer Book and Psalms: Pocket EditionBook: Prayer Book and Psalms: Pocket Edition
Book: Prayer: Encounter with the Living GodBook: Prayer: Encounter with the Living God“God does not need words; He needs men’s hearts. Words are secondary; of paramount importance are the feeling and disposition with which we approach God.”
Book: Psalter (Pocket Edition)Book: Psalter  (Pocket Edition)Beautiful pocket-sized Psalter published by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. 4" x 6 1/4" page size, 240 pages. Hard bound with sewn binding; printed on high quality, acid-free paper.
Book: Race, Identity, and ReconciliationBook: Race, Identity, and ReconciliationNun Katherine Weston, MA, LMHC (Author)
Book: Raising Up Good Stewards: God's People Using God's Money for God's GloryBook: Raising Up Good Stewards: God's People Using God's Money for God's GloryIn Raising Up Good Stewards, learn how to increase church giving with integrity, support your family and the needy, restore the church’s witness, and credibility in corrupt contexts. Solving the money problems in churches doesn’t require outside donors or unethical shortcuts. As we become good stewards using what Jesus has entrusted to us, he will use us to bless our world.
Book: Reclaiming the Atonement: An Orthodox Theology of RedemptionBook: Reclaiming the Atonement: An Orthodox Theology of RedemptionIn response to popular demand, Fr. Patrick Reardon presents the first of three volumes exploring redemption and salvation through the lens of Scripture, patristics, and liturgics, as well as through history, philosophy, language, literature, and psychology. He brings all these perspectives together to show how the whole of Christ’s work—from Incarnation to Ascension—accomplishes the “at-one-ment” of God with man.
Book: Reflections on the Lord's PrayerBook: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer
Book: Remember Thy First LoveBook: Remember Thy First Love
(Revelation 2:4-5): The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life in the Theology of Elder Sophrony
Book: Revelation of Life EternalBook: Revelation of Life Eternal

Revelation of Life Eternal: An Introduction to the Christian Message

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