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Book: Cancer, My LoveBook: Cancer, My Love[Mioara] found what it means, at the deepest level, to love and be loved by others and by God. Ultimately, hers is a story not only of growth but of indomitable joy and triumph.
Book: Catechetical Discourse of St. Gregory of NyssaBook: Catechetical Discourse of St. Gregory of Nyssa
Book: Catholicity and the ChurchBook: Catholicity and the Church
Book: Children in the Church Today: An Orthodox PerspectiveBook: Children in the Church Today: An Orthodox PerspectiveSister Magdalen's major emphasis is that "if children are conceived, born, and brought up surrounded by prayer and love, they will grow up as spiritual persons and thus fulfill their human vocation."
Book: Christ and the ChurchBook: Christ and the ChurchThe popular notion of a "churchless Christianity"--of peaceably praying alone with the Savior in the confines of one's own sacred space--forces the question: Do we need the Church, its complicated dogmas, canons, services and the ongoing struggle to defend the faith against schism?
Book: Christ in Eastern Christian ThoughtBook: Christ in Eastern Christian ThoughtMeyendorff does a great job in surveying the various strands of Byzantine Christology. He unites them under the idea of man's being made to participate in the life of God. This requires a Christology to match, so we see an emphasis on the Logos taking to himself human flesh and deifying, which flesh then becomes the divine life for all of humanity. Some of the figures surveyed shed light on the Christology, but in many ways more importantly, the metaphysics of Byzantine Christianity.
Book: Christ is in our MidstBook: Christ is in our Midst

Christ is in Our Midst: Letters From a Russian Monk

Book: Christ the Conqueror of HellBook: Christ the Conqueror of HellMetropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev), Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations, is well known throughout the Orthodox Church as a leading theologian, writer, and musical composer. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University and a doctorate in theology from St Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris.
Book: Christ, Our Way and Our LifeBook: Christ, Our Way and Our LifeArchimandrite Zacharias recapitulates and synthesizes both St. Silouan and his teacher, Fr. Sophrony of Essex, in a concise manner that brings the deepest aspects of our faith to any reader. Fr. Zacharias, a man of profound holiness and prayer, is truly a Holy Elder of our time and his writings are incomparably the best of our day.
Book: Coming Home, by Fr. Peter GillquistBook: Coming Home, by Fr. Peter GillquistComing Home is a collection of 18 personal stories of formerly Protestant clergy who converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Each person's journey to Orthodoxy is unique, yet they all have the same theme: each wanted more from his Christian worship and faith, and found his home in Orthodox Christianity. 
Book: Contemporary Ascetics of Mount Athos (Volumes 1 and 2)Book: Contemporary Ascetics of Mount Athos (Volumes 1 and 2)
Book: Crisis in ByzantiumBook: Crisis in Byzantium
Book: Dorotheos of Gaza, Discourses & SayingsBook: Dorotheos of Gaza, Discourses & SayingsEssential reading for any Christian who desires to profit spiritually from the wisdom of the desert fathers.
Book: Elder Anatole the Younger of OptinaBook: Elder Anatole the Younger of Optina
Book: Elder Anthony of OptinaBook: Elder Anthony of Optina
"Enduring terrible hardship and excruciating physical ailments, Elder Anthony acquired perfect spiritual freedom through the careful guarding of his soul and the humble acceptance of God's providence....The reader is involuntarily drawn into the quiet, restful atmosphere of Elder Anthony's beautiful soul, learning there the meaning of the lofty virtue of humble-mindedness." -- excerpt
Book: Elder Leonid of OptinaBook: Elder Leonid of OptinaIt was hard not to marvel at his joyfulness and inward peace. Preserving a holy simplicity, free of hypocrisy, he spoke with everyone in a direct and straightforward way.
Book: Elder Sebastian of OptinaBook: Elder Sebastian of OptinaElder Sebastian had a constant concern for instilling deep peace in people's souls, and a constant sense of service--through his labor and love--to those surrounding him. He was exacting in everything, but first of all toward himself. He had the gift of great and profound discernment, and exercised moderation in everything.
Book: Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One-Storey UniverseBook: Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One-Storey Universe
Book: Feast of FaithBook: Feast of FaithArchbishop Paul, head of the Orthodox Church in Finland from 1969 to 1987, is well known for his popular explanation of Orthodoxy in The Faith We Hold, which itself originated as a pastoral letter. In the present work, he bears witness to the remarkable Eucharistic revival which has taken place in Finland. Using simple, accessible language, he guides the faithful towards a deeper understanding of the rites and prayers of the liturgy, and thus towards a more fruitful participation in the Banquet of the Kingdom.
Book: Fire from Ashes: The Reality of Perpetual ConversionBook: Fire from Ashes: The Reality of Perpetual ConversionNo matter how cold the ashes of our hearts, with Christ’s help we can fan them back into flame.
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