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Quartet of Lavender Sachets
Quartet of Lavender Sachets
Four sachets are better than one...especially when discounted!
$25 Gift Certificate$25 Gift Certificate
100 knot prayer rope100 knot prayer rope
33 knot prayer rope33 knot prayer rope
Akathist to the Mother of God "The Inexhaustible Cup"Akathist to the Mother of God "The Inexhaustible Cup"Rejoice, O Sovereign Lady, Thou Inexhaustible Cup that quenches our spiritual thirst!
Akathist to the Venerable Father Paisius (Velichkovsky)Akathist to the Venerable Father Paisius (Velichkovsky)Our Father among the Saints, the Great Schema-Archimandrite Paisius (1722-1794), truly is, as this akathist says, a "chosen commander of spiritual warriors, guide and all-wondrous shepherd of monks, who through the writings of the Fathers fed our souls." And he feeds us yet today, though his writings, his witness, and most importantly through his heavenly intercession.
All-Natural Monastery Lip Balm: with Lavender & CalendulaAll-Natural Monastery Lip Balm: with Lavender & CalendulaThis mild beeswax lip balm made by the sisters features all natural ingredients including shea butter, sweet almond oil and our homegrown lavender and calendula (aka pot marigold). 
Available CLEARANCE Products -- updated 10-13-18Available CLEARANCE Products -- updated 10-13-18Includes books, children's books, icons, CDs, and prayer ropes, all in almost-new condition.

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Book for CommemorationBook for CommemorationIn  the Russian tradition, this book is  handed to the priest with the small prosphora before the beginning of the liturgy.
Book: A Christian Ending: A Handbook for Burial in the Ancient Christian TraditionBook: A Christian Ending: A Handbook for Burial in the Ancient Christian TraditionA handbook for burial in the ancient Christian tradition. While aimed at Orthodox Christians, this book would be a very helpful guide to anyone who is interested in preparing for a funeral within the context of community, without the use of corporate funeral homes, and using green and sustainable methods. 
Book: A Collection of Letters to Nuns, by Saint AnatolyBook: A Collection of Letters to Nuns, by Saint AnatolyOriginally published in Russian in 1910, this volume is made up of 382 letters of spiritual counsel by the Optina Elder Hieroschemamonk Anatoly (Zertsalov) to nuns. These letters, while originally addressed to nuns, can be applied with profit to all Christians, both monastic and lay. Written in a tone that is both firm and tender, they are the words of a caring father for his spiritual children. Includes the life of St. Anatoly, a glossary, an index of topics, and a table of letters.
Book: A History of the Church of RussiaBook: A History of the Church of RussiaContents:
Introduction of Christianity into Russia
Further Establishment of the Faith. The first Monasteries
Period during which the Metropolitans sat at Kieff; till the invasion of the Tartars, A.D. 1072 to A.D. 1240
Period during which the Metropolitans sat at Vladimir
Period during which the Metropolitans resided at Moscow
The Patriarchs.
Job, first Patriarch, A.D. 1587
Hermogenes, second Patriarch, A.D. 1606
Philaret, third Patriarch, A.D. 1620
Joasaph I., fourth Patriarch, A.D. 1631
Joseph, fifth Patriarch, A.D. 1642
Nikon, sixth Patriarch, A.D. 1653
Joasaph II., seventh Patriarch, A.D. 1667
Pitirim, eighth Patriarch, A.D. 1672
Joachim, ninth Patriarch, A.D. 1673
Adrian, tenth Patriarch, A.D. 1690
Stephen Yavorsky, Guardian of the Patriarchate, A.D. 1701
The Most Holy Synod, A.D. 1721.
Book: A Noble Task: Entry into the Clergy in the First Five CenturiesBook: A Noble Task: Entry into the Clergy in the First Five CenturiesLewis J. Patsavos is Professor of Canon Law and Director of Field Education at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. He serves as consultant on canonical affairs to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and other Orthodox jurisdictions. He is also the author of Primacy and Conciliarity (1995) and Spiritual Dimensions of the Holy Canons
Book: A Patristic Treasury: Early Church Wisdom for TodayBook: A Patristic Treasury: Early Church Wisdom for TodayJames R. Payton, Jr., is Professor of History at Redeemer University College (Ancaster, Ontario), where he teaches Eastern European history, Orthodoxy, and Patristics. He taught a course on Orthodoxy in Osijek, Croatia, and gave presentations on Orthodoxy and its role in the 21st century in Ukraine, Russia, England, and North America; several of these presentations have appeared as articles in scholarly journals or chapters in books. Dr. Payton taught a patristics course in Zagreb, Croatia, and presented conference papers on Maximus Confessor and John of Damascus (both published in scholarly journals). He also published articles on Gregory of Nyssa and Irenaeus. He authored Light from the Christian East: An Introduction to the Orthodox Tradition (2007) and Irenaeus on the Christian Faith (2011).
Book: Ages of the Spiritual Life, by Paul EvdokimovBook: Ages of the Spiritual Life, by Paul EvdokimovPaul Evdokimov (1902-1970) was a professor at St Sergius Theological Institute in Paris, Director of the Center of Orthodox Studies and served as the Director of the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Geneva. He has been appropriately called a theological bridge between East and West because he brings patristic insights to bear upon modern situations.
Book: Alexander Schmorell: Saint of the German ResistanceBook: Alexander Schmorell: Saint of the German ResistanceAs Alexander languished in prison, his inner peace unfolded further, contrasting sharply with the mood expressed in letters he had written during the winter prior to his arrest, complaining that “bleakness and sadness have become my constant companions,” and that “dreadful disquiet is the prevailing characteristic of my life,” with no respite of calm. 

--from the book

Book: An Unbroken Circle: Linking Ancient African Christianity to the African-American ExperienceBook: An Unbroken Circle: Linking Ancient African Christianity to the African-American ExperienceA unique collection of essays by various clergy and laypeople from many churches and countries, showing the profound connection between the origins of the Church in the ancient world and the struggle of African Americans to find an authentic expression of their faith. Now in its second printing, An Unbroken Circle has been instrumental in introducing Orthodoxy to a wide audience.
Book: Ascent to the Summit: The Life and Martyric Death of Fr. Igor RozinBook: Ascent to the Summit: The Life and Martyric Death of Fr. Igor RozinIn the words of Tertullian, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." In 2001, another martyr for the Orthodox Christian Faith took his place among that cloud of witnesses: Priest Igor Rozin of Russia's predominantly Muslim Kabardino-Balkar Republic, located in the northern Caucasus Mountains. An alpine rescuer who saved those lost in the mountains, he was baptized at the age of 36, ordained to the priesthood at 42, and martyred by a Muslim extremist at 44. During his brief life as a pastor, he attained his true calling: the rescue of souls lost in the moral wastelands of modern society. His life was one of total self-sacrifice for the sake of those around him, whether Christian or Muslim. Translated from Russian sources, this is the touching story of a man who lived to the fullest the Gospel teaching: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his
Book: Ascetic Discourses of Abba IsaiahBook: Ascetic Discourses of Abba Isaiah
The illuminating introduction to the translation of these twenty-nine monastic discourses written in the mid-fifth century explores scholarly issues . . . this volume is a model for showing how to make a book user-friendly . . . Until this translation appeared, we had only a bit of Abba Isaiah in English (in the translation of the Philokalia), so this work is a welcome addition, made all the more welcome because of the readable translation and useful apparatus.
Cistercian Studies Quarterly
Book: At the Ringing of the Bells: The Paschal Martyrs of OptinaBook: At the Ringing of the Bells: The Paschal Martyrs of OptinaOn Pascha of 1993, three young monks of the famous Optina Hermitage - Hieromonk Vasily, Monk Therapont, and Monk Trophim - were brutally murdered by a satanist. These men lived in our world. They went to public schools and universities. They faced the same kinds of temptations and struggles that modern people face. Yet, their saintly lives show that their martyric death was a special gift to them from the Lord, and that it is possible to dedicate one's entire life to God and become a saint in the 21st century.

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